Waste and recycling


Collection of Residential Waste Materials

According to the Municipal By-Law #1998-57 to regulate the management, collection, removal and disposal of waste material in the City of Clarence-Rockland:

1) Place items for collection at the curb prior to 7:00 a.m.

2) A maximum of 3 plastic bags 26" x 36" OR 2 garbage cans (20 gallons/90 litres each) will be collected. Additional items must be tagged.

3) $2.00 tags are available for each additional item at the City Hall in Rockland.

4) Each item must weigh less than 23 Kg (50 lb).

5) Garbage cans and recycling bins must be in good conditions and shall be easily emptied. The use of lids is permitted with the condition that the lid is completely detachable from the can.

Recycling bins are available at City Hall, during regular opening hours, at a cost of $10 per bin. Damaged bins will be replaced free of charge.

Collection of Bulky Items

 In order to provide a better service for the collection of bulky items (over 50 lb) at your home, $10.00 stickers are available at the Clarence-Rockland City Hall in Rockland. The collection is done once a month but we would ask that you verify with our office so that we may enter your item on our pick up list.