Du Moulin Park Committee

The Du Moulin park advisory committee has for its prime objective, to make recommendations to Municipal Council of the City of Clarence-Rockland concerning the development and park improvement

The Du Moulin park advisory committee’s responsibilities are:

a) Propose the park infrastructures and usage;

b) Study the proposals provided through the Recreation master plan;

c) Study the projected projects’ budget;

d) Study the possibilities of obtaining different financial sources;

e) Make presentations and recommendations to Municipal Council.

The Du Moulin park advisory committee will be considered the official citizens’ voice through the decision process.

Terms of reference 

Du Moulin Parl Advisory meetings


For more information on the Clarence-Rockland Du Moulin Park Advisory Committee  you may contact :

Jean-Luc Jubinville, Manager of Recreational and Municipal Facilities

613-446-6022 ext: 2297