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Form 1

Nomination Form

Form 2

Endorsement of Nomination

Form 4

Financial Statement – Auditor’s Report – Candidate

Form 5

Financial Statement – Subsequent Expenses

Form 6

Notice of Extension of Campaign Period

Form 7

Notice of Registration – Third Party  

Form 8

Financial Statement – Auditor’s Report – Third Party

Form 9

Declaration of Identity




Form CR1

Application to Amend Voters’ List

Form CR2

Application to Re-Issue Voter’s Information Letter Voter (Lost and Unused)

Form CR3

Application to Re-Issue Voter’s Information Letter Voter (Impersonator)

Form CR4

Oral Oath of Incapacity to Vote without Assistance

Form CR5

Oral Oath of Friend / Assistance

Form CR6

Oral Oath of  Interpreter / Assistance

Form CR7

Oral Oath of Secrecy

Form CR8

Appointment of Scrutineer by Candidate

Form CR9

Oath of Candidate or Scrutineer

Form CR10

Appointment and Oath - Election Official

Form CR11

Application to remove another’s name to the Voter’s List

Form CR12

Candidate’s Declaration - Proper Use of Voters’ List

Form CR13

Declaration of the owner or tenant for his/her spouse or occupant who does not have any piece of identification (Amendment to the Voters’ List)

Form CR14

Declaration of qualifications - School Trustee

  Form CR15 Declaration of qualifications - Municipal Council 
  Form CR16 Permission and Acknowledgement
  Form CR17 Communications - Registered candidate